Rob™  QPCR set-up

Pipette head0.5 - 200 µl single channel

Dispense modesSingle- and multi-dispense modes

PrecisionCV < 2% for 2µl, dry dispense. CV < 1% from 5 µl, dry dispense

AccuracyCV < 2% from 2 µl. CV 1 % from 5 µl.

Liquid level trackingPressure based detects volumes from 3 µl in 200 µl PCR tubes.

Pipette tipsClear 50 or 200 µl with or without filter in racks.

Tip waste handlingAutomatic tip ejection. Ejected tips are collected externally.

Deck capacity11 SBS micro plate positions and one tip waste position.

Motor resolutionsX and Y < 0.01 mm, Z < 0.05 mm.

Dimensions663 X 516 X 571 mm (w x d x h)